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Three Isn’t A Crowd

Forget chocolates. Forget flowers. Forget jewelry. It's 2018, it's time for you and your partner to try something new and exciting. You've talked about it, and now it's time to actually experience it, but where do you start?

Looking for a partner for a threesome can be daunting. You don't want to ask friends, or exes, or someone on the street. It has to be right for you and your partner. The best solution? Hire a companion, and follow these simple steps to ensure that your first threesome will not be your last.

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Of the Utmost Discretion - How to Protect Your Privacy When Seeking Companions

We used to worry about lipstick stains on a collar, a wine glass left out, or a silky item left behind. Clues of dalliances, meetings, experiences that we would rather keep private from our friends and family. In this digital age, that has transformed into text messages, sites left up on your laptop, or mistakenly tagging your location to someplace you aren’t supposed to be.

Discretion is of the utmost importance to me, and if it is a concern for you as well, there are a few ways that you can ensure that your privacy and private life are protected.

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Welcome. Consider this your ticket into my world. A world of passion, exploration, adventure, and connection. In today’s world, insight is a key part of interacting. I want you to get to know me, I want to share with you my thoughts, my dreams, and your fantasies. I want what you want: for our time together to be one of genuine intimacy and unforgettable experiences.

Within, you will find all you need to know and more to confirm that we are an ideal match. Photo galleries are updated frequently to please the eyes, and this journal will provide a little something for your mind as well. Take a moment, let your heart race at the possibilities. Breath in, breath out. Are you ready?

Because I’m ready for you. If you

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For the Fast and Curious

She comes in the right gear: Automatic. Automatically stunning. Automatically daring. Automatically fast with cruise control. Once you slip inside her, you can feel the taut, yet supple warmth embracing you as you settle into her seat to turn her on. She greets you with every green light and a purr that's the unmistakable mark of a master. She can go from a sleek and subtle 0 to a mind-boggling, heart-stopping 160 in an instant. She is the ultimate experience in luxury travel; the privilege of a few, the aspiration of the many; and for a minimum of 4 exhilarating hours, you can possess the key to the drive of your wildest dreams. 

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Luxury Travel & Dinner Companion

San Francisco Based · Worldwide by Request

Nashville May 6th - 9th · Boston May 12th - 15th
NYC May 15th - 17th · Las Vegas May 19th - 21st