Upcoming: Miami January 30th - February 3rd

My home, and first love, is San Francisco, but New York City has an undeniable pull on my heart. I cannot resist the temptation and will grace the city several times a year.

While I do not find myself touring often, personal excursions take me far and wide. At times these trips are extended for a day or two before and after so I may visit with friends.

If you cannot find me in your city, this is only a small obstacle. I am available for a fly-me-to-you trip at my home rates. If you cannot commit to an extended engagement, you can always sponsor a tour so I can be sure to include your location as one of my stops.  A discreet electronic deposit may be required.

There is a constant wanderlust that courses through me. Be the one to excite it, and help me see what makes you and the city you dwell so very unique.

All other U.S. cities besides SF & NYC

All other U.S. cities besides SF & NYC USD

Amuse Bouche 1 hr (my place only)


Canapé 1.5 hrs (your place minimum)


L’Aperitif 2 hrs


L’Entrée 3 hrs

L’Entrée 4 hrs $2,000

International Rates: Coming Soon

International Rates πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

NOTE: Inquire for extended engagements. A discreet deposit may be required.

Luxury Travel & Dinner Companion

San Francisco Based · Worldwide by Request
Upcoming: Miami Jan. 30th - Feb. 3rd