📍 SF Bay Area until Dec. 6th
NYC Dec. 7th - 13th | FMTY available by request
Note: I'm bicoastal between SF & NYC, feel free to request either city, even if dates say otherwise.
My travel changes quickly and isn't always reflected.

Lillian Warren

Luxury Travel & Dinner Companion

San Francisco · New York · Worldwide By Request


To see the world. To go on an adventure. To drink in the beautiful experiences of far away places. There is no better way to grow as a person. Taking in every mountain, every vista, every culture and letting it expand your knowledge and consciousness of the world. This is my vision. This is my want. The thing that would make my vision complete: sharing it with You.

You are here because you know what you want. You know that you want someone that you won’t meet every day. Someone to guide you into an experience that you’ll never forget.

My name is Lillian Warren and I have what you're looking for.

They say that the best works of art are felt with all of the senses. Your eyes will wander over my body. Take your time, I don’t mind. An artist never minds people taking in their work, and I have honed my masterpiece through sports and study. The brain cannot be neglected, and I have not neglected mine. I earned my Bachelor of Science from one of the world’s top universities, but am also a student of the world. I hunger for more knowledge and experiences, enriching my mind and spirit. Toned, athletic curves, striking features granted to me from my Filipina and African-American heritage, it is a feast for the eyes.

Like any good art, it will make you feel it on your skin. A prickling, a rush. It’s okay to step closer. Let go, and give in to your curiosity…


Quick Stats

Age: Late 20s

Height: 5’6”

Measurements: 32C – 26 – 40

Eye color: Dark Brown

Hair color: Black, Mid-Back Length

Shoe: 9

Piercings: Ears & Naval

Tattoos: None

Enhancements: Natural

Filipina & African-American

Bachelor of Science



All servings of a delectably discreet experience can be delivered to select luxury establishments throughout the Bay Area, or enjoyed at my exclusive location in downtown San Francisco.
As reflected, I have a preference for longer and continual engagements.

To ensure proper safety and comfort, all memberships must be pre-approved by proper screening procedures, which are expounded upon in my etiquette section.

Cash preferred. Electronic methods accepted, case-by-case, with a 5% convenience charge.

Amuse Bouche

1 hr: $800

My Place Only

Enjoy a few tempting first bites that will leave you wanting more, and tide you over until the next much-anticipated encounter.


1.5 hrs: $1,300

your place minimum

A savory glimpse at the broader horizons of an epicurean delight unfolding. The decadent overtones in this artfully simplistic, yet thoroughly satisfying course, is memorable all on its own.


2 Hrs: $1,500


An intoxicating and proper way to familiarize yourself with the culinary artistry of your top chef, with more to savor and less to compromise.

L’Aperitif pour Deux

2 Hr Minimum
+ $500

for couples

Share an exquisite and invigorating delight with someone who appreciates the taste of true luxury.


3 HRS: $2,000
4 HRS: $2,500

Lunch or dinner

For the gentleman who is caught between "less is more" and "more is more," this is the course that gives more without giving too much.

Le Plat Principal2

6 hrs: $3,000
8 hrs: $4,000

day trip or night on the town

The ultimate goal of an epicurean excursion, the main course addresses all the senses and lingers pleasurably on the mind and belly.

Palate Refresher3

Overnight: $5,000

up to 14 hours

A dreamy sorbet with staying power for your taste buds, paving the way for yet more to come…


24 hrs: $6,000

additional desserts: $2,000

inquire for trips a week or longer

Rich, decadent, and exquisitely devilish, every bite can be taken with care and thought, relished with wanton affection.


Doubles: Rates Vary

two-hour minimum

Other than the primary experience of Lillian Warren on your menu, you can add one or more of her delicious dolls to your plate to create a feast fit for a king.

Voyage à l’étranger

Not local? You can still enjoy the unique and savory experience of Lillian Warren delivered to your doorstep.

Business or first class seating is not required, but a greatly appreciated accommodation. If flying your culinary experience to you via main cabin, a window seat is required. A 25% deposit is required to ensure booking.

Voyage cont'd

West Coast (Pacific & Mountain time zones):

minimum 4 hours, $2,500
+ travel expenses

East Coast (Central & Eastern time zones):

minimum 6 hours, $3,000
+ travel expenses


minimum 48 hours, $8,000
+ travel expenses

Repeat Indulgences

3 two-hour dates: $4,000

2 four-hour dates: $4,500

2 six-hour dates: $5,500

2 overnights: $9,000

NOTE: Compensated in advance, valid for 30 days unless scheduling conflict on my end. Inquire for more options.

1. Refreshments required. Light snacks or room service.
2. Any day-time engagement after 4 hours. If ending after 2 AM, overnight rate will apply.
3. Beauty sleep required. Minimum 6 hours uninterrupted, so I am my best self.
4. Alone time is greatly appreciated. 1-2 hours per day to attend to personal matters.


Everyone is so busy these days. It’s nice to have company for the things you already have in your schedule. It’s a great way to get to know each other, to have someone to share your thoughts while you are out. I have a few options to cater to those who may not have time for a longer more intimate get together.


up to 2 hours à la carte, 3 hours tasting

Strictly social day trip


up to 8 hours

Lunch + shopping date


spending minimum required


Social dates are strictly public time. Once a social date begins, it cannot be switched to include private, and vice versa.


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the following. I want our time to be about getting to know each other and not rules. You will have my full attention, and I ask that you provide this list yours. It will take you through what to expect if this is your first time with me, or act as a refresher for those of you returning.

First-time clients will be gently screened. Please understand that this is for my comfort and safety. Provide all the required information in your initial contact either via email or through my secure booking form. If anything is missing, incomplete or explicit, I will not respond. Don’t worry, any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.
My preferred method of contact is email. If you have my phone number, please only call or text during a prearranged time or before an appointment. For your privacy, I would never call or text you unannounced, please treat me with the same courtesy.
I put care and consideration into our time together, and that includes my appearance. I ask that you do the same. Please be showered, shaved and have good overall hygiene including fresh breath. I understand your day can be hectic. If you need a little time to freshen up, I’ll be happy to add a few extra minutes to our time together. My location is fully stocked with amenities.
By confirming an appointment, you agree to my cancellation policy. Cancellations within 36 hours are subject to a fee. More than 36 hours is acceptable. Please note that regardless of when an appointment is canceled, it cannot be rescheduled for the same day and time. Failure to give proper notice of cancellation or fee shall result in termination of our acquaintance.

I do accept references from verifiable providers (have a website, ads or social media). However, I do not accept references from agencies.

If we have seen each other in the past 12 months, I’d be more than happy to provide a reference for you, I just ask that you email me to let me know. That way, I can be sure to look out for the request and be available to respond. I’ll provide a reference up to three times since our last meeting, after that you should have a more recent reference. Please do not give my phone number to anyone else. I will only communicate references through email.

Keep in mind, I handle all my correspondences, and you should receive a reply within 48 hours, generally much quicker. If for some reason you do not hear from me, feel free to gently nudge me as I may have inadvertently missed your message or it went to my spam folder.


More than anything, I'd appreciate a donation to one of the following:

My life, and how I live it, is a blessing to me. Time spent with you is a gift that I am very thankful to receive. I understand, however, that you may wish to return the indulgence, the generosity, and the appreciation that I have shown you. Something to let me know how much you enjoyed our adventure together, whatever it may have been.

Before the material, I’d like you to consider spreading the warmth to those who need it. To extend a helping hand by way of donation to the following organizations above, that are near and dear to my heart.

If you are leaning towards the material, I have organized lists of my favorites. You can browse and pick, or use them as inspiration for something special. All gifts, material and not, are always appreciated, never expected, and most certainly rewarded.


Honey Birdette

Size: 32C / S


Size: S bra / M everything else


Ted Baker

Size: 2



personal training, spa


Shoe: 9, Size: M


Email or use my secure booking form to send the following screening information:

Name & Phone Number

Age & Professional Background

City, Day, Time & Length of Visit

My place or Your place

Two Reputable Provider References or P411 ID w/ at least two Oks within the last 12 months

If no references, provide at least two of the following:

Photo of your Driver License or Passport

Photo of your work badge

A screenshot of LinkedIn profile

A message from work email to my unpublished inbox

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