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My travel changes quickly and isn't always reflected.


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

Where are we headed to next? A beachy swim in the Maldives, a business suit shopping spree to London, or a delicious dinner together on your next work trip? With me, the possibilities are endless, especially when knowing I’m armed with a passport and suitcase ready in hand.

What places are on your “trip of a lifetime” list? Everyone has one, right? Here are a few of mine. Special rates for planning any of these.

I love anyplace warm with crystal clear beaches. Sun, exotic flowers, and amazing views make for the perfect getaway for me.

Andes Mountains, Peru – The ruins of Machu Picchu are a must see of South America. Immersed in history and exploration, Machu Picchu is an adventure waiting to happen. Spring through fall, it is an idyllic trip.

Marrakech, Morocco – There is absolutely no better way to see the desert wonders of Marrakech then on camelback. The Sahara offers dunes, mountains, and adventure, and I want to see it all.

South Africa – It is one of the greatest migrations on earth, drawing all sorts of wildlife to the coasts of South Africa. Let’s start off a summer right and witness the Great Sardine Run. Moving as one, millions of sardines make their way up the coast in seething masses known to be over 7 kilometers in length and 30 meters deep. It’s not just the fish, this migration draws wildlife from all over the ocean to see.

As much as I adore warm weather, I am not opposed to cold weather adventures. All the more reasons to snuggle up under layers of flannel and wool and get cozy. The tropics do not have

Norway – We all get tired of looking at the same sky. Between October and mid-January, Norway offers once in a lifetime experience. During the day, we can troll the fjords for beautiful killer whale sightings. At night, we can settle in to witness one of the cosmic wonders, the Northern Lights, paint across the sky.

Iceland – I have a desire to explore the special places on our planet. Silfra, which translates to “Silver Lady,” in Iceland, is a crack in our Earth. Perfect for diving, and then after, warming up in the geothermal hot springs of the Blue Lagoon.

Antarctica – Sometimes you have to take something as ordinary as a cruise and turn it upside down. A cruise through the Antarctic is a unique take on a luxury vacation. What better way to see icebergs and everything the bottom of our planet has to offer than a beautiful ship?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Sometimes adventure doesn’t have to be across an ocean, it can be right in our backyard. Yellowstone is one of our country’s natural treasures just waiting for us to explore all it has to offer, from Old Faithful to the Great Prismatic Spring.

My passion for travel is rivaled only by my passion to dive beneath the waters and explore. I’m a PADI certified rescue diver, in addition to a couple of specialty courses. There are of course some ideal places that I’d like to flex these certifications.

I love interacting with wildlife in their natural habitat, no matter how many teeth. I want to dive with the sharks in the Bahamas.

I want to kick a scuba trip up a notch by swimming with crocs off the Chinchorro Banks, Quintana Roo Mexico. To calm down, we can also hang out with gentle manatees, or the whale sharks in Donsol Bay, Philippines.

Imagine a moonlit night in Kona, Hawaii diving with majestic rays under the stars.

There are so many options, and not always with enormous sea creatures. The Great Barrier Reef offers amazing sights and experiences for any diver. Just the name Galápagos is enough to get me excited. I want to explore the beautiful waters of these unique islands and coral reefs.

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