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Of the Utmost Discretion – How to Protect Your Privacy When Seeking Companions

We used to worry about lipstick stains on a collar, a wine glass left out, or a silky item left behind. Clues of dalliances, meetings, experiences that we would rather keep private from our friends and family. In this digital age, that has transformed into text messages, sites left up on your laptop, or mistakenly tagging your location to someplace you aren’t supposed to be.

Discretion is of the utmost importance to me, and if it is a concern for you as well, there are a few ways that you can ensure that your privacy and private life are protected.

Second Email Address

The easiest step you can take is to sign up for a second email address. With this era of Gmail, it will take 30 seconds. If you are already using Gmail, you can easily switch between these accounts from your mail home page. If you share a computer, however, you will want to log out of this email account so it is not accidentally accessed by anyone.

Browsing History/Private Browsing

You are a person of discerning tastes. You search carefully what you’re looking for. You visit our websites, our profiles, our photo galleries all in an effort to ensure we are compatible. This all leaves a trail in your browsing history.

You could just clear it all, but no one keeps a completely clear browsing history. In most browsers, your history will be broken down by the date. To keep yourself straight, only browse for companions on certain days, and after you are done, clear only those sites. Make sure you visit other sites on that day. This will throw off any casual looker or serious snooper.

For the less methodical and perhaps more practical, most browsers also offer the option to browse incognito. If you open a private browsing window, your history will not be saved and cookies will be erased when you close the window. It will be like you never even opened the window and allow you to have the peace of mind that your preferences, meetings, and research will remain private.

Mock Number

Like with your browser, your phone keeps a record of your incoming and outgoing calls. You can take the time to go through and delete instances when your companion calls you, or you call them. To save time, however, there are apps like Reflection that allow you to hide the call history for specific numbers. This is available on Android for only $1.00. A great price for your peace of mind. There are also free apps that allow you to hide your call log and text messages. A few include Private Message Box, Private SMS & Call, and even a clever one called Calculator that hides as a calculator app, hiding your messages behind a code. If you are an iPhone user, there is CoverMe to hide your calls and text messages.

If you share your phone bill with someone, however, you will want to use Signal. This app uses the internet to send one-to-one messages and make phone calls. It is an encryption software for Android and iOS and will allow you to add that extra layer of privacy.

Just a few steps. That’s all it takes to ensure that your private life stays private. Discretion; it allows you to move from your public self to the self you will share with me or a companion of your choosing. You will come relaxed, and ready to experience all that your companion has to offer without worrying about the outside world interrupting. Isn’t that the ideal? Isn’t that why you seek us out? To experience something that you cannot in your day-to-day. Something intimate and invigorating.

I won’t tell, and now, you don’t have to either.

Lillian Warren

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